Our Capacity



At OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ REFINERY over 35 million tons of commercial petroleum and petrochemical products including gasoline was produced at the refinery. A certificate of conformity for gasoline of the brands Regular Euro 92, Premium Euro 95 according to GOST R 51866-2002 was received in accordance with the requirements of the European Standard EN 228-2004, adopted by the European Committee for Standardization. Our consumers have been supplied with high-octane commercial gasoline for technical requirements of the ecological class Euro-4.

An etherification plant was commissioned at the Benzene plant to produce high-octane components of commercial gasolines - from isobutylene contained in the butane-butylene fraction from the catalytic cracking unit from isoamylenes contained in the light gasoline fraction of the catalytic cracking unit. The design capacity of the synthesis reactor unit is 24.8 thousand tons / year. The design capacity of the reactor unit synthesis is 152.8 thousand tons / year.

OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ REFINERY's installation reached its designed capacity for processing raw materials and producing finished products. Commodity gasolines of the brand "Regular" - 92 and premium Euro - 95 in 2010 are produced on the unit. were recognized as laureates of the contest "The Best Goods" in the nomination "Products for industrial and technical purposes".

The bulk of the installed and commissioned equipment was ordered at the plants of the Russian Federation. All compressor equipment, a significant part of pumps, control systems and process safety were purchased by OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ in the USA, Europe and Japan.

The technology of obtaining gasolines from vacuum gas oil from primary oil refining meets all modern world requirements for the design of technological schemes and hardware design.

It is the most protected from emissions and wastewater, has a very compact location on land and is managed by modern electronic monitoring and protection systems. The development of reactor unit technology, fractionation of reaction products and process condensate purification was carried out by ourr partners at Elistek Engineering LLC.


The reconstruction of the K-305 column was completed with the complete replacement of valve plates with plates of the firm "Sulzer" and an increase in the number of plates from 30 pcs. up to 36 pieces, which allowed increasing the reflux rate for irrigation of the K-305 column, and thereby improve the quality of separation of PPF and BBF.

A unit for selective hydrogenation of catalytic cracking gasoline was introduced into the process mode, design parameters of the process were achieved. As a result, the following results were obtained:

  • Reduced the content of total sulfur in LBF (light gasoline fraction);
  • the content of mercaptan sulfur in LBF is decreased;
  • reduced the content of diene hydrocarbons in stable gasoline in terms of MAV;
  • the octane number increased by the motor method.
  • During the overhaul period, a change in the scheme for supplying raw materials to the reactors pos. P-810 / 1,2 plant for TAME production, which led to a reduction in the negative effect of catalyst poisons on the fresh catalyst, the preservation of the conversion of the target components of the feedstock, and the prolongation of the life of the catalyst.

    During the overhaul period of 2017, in order to improve industrial safety in the catalytic cracking unit, the pipelines of the 4th circulation irrigation of the main distillation column K-201 were replaced.

    Replacement cyclones I and II stages in the regenerator P-102 reactor unit, which eliminated the removal of the cracking catalyst in the atmosphere and, accordingly, reduce the negative impact of production on the environment.

    To reduce the concentration of methanol in the fusel water, the Kt-825 column was reconstructed and its plates replaced, which allowed to exclude the negative impact on the ecological situation.