Production activity



In 2018, OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ processed 816 thousand tons of desalted raw materials, including 7,381.2 thousand tons of oil and 787.0 thousand tons of gas condensate.

The capacity utilization factor of OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ amounted to 98.0%, including 100.6% for primary crude oil processing, and 78.7% for gas condensate processing. The processing depth for raw materials was 74.9%.

Work in the field of industrial safety is one of the priority directions of OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ, which includes achievement of the level of industrial safety corresponding to the current state of development of science and technology and the Company;

creation and implementation of an effective control system for industrial control over compliance with industrial safety requirements at the enterprise; implementation of acceptable advanced, most safe methods and technologies.

In the state register of hazardous production facilities, 8 dangerous production facilities of OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ were registered, of which seven were assigned 1 hazard class - hazardous industrial facilities of extremely high danger, one class was assigned a third hazard class.

In accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 225-FZ "On compulsory insurance of civil liability of the owner of a hazardous facility for causing damage as a result of an accident at a hazardous facility" and Article 15 of Federal Law No. 116-FZ "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities", all hazardous production facilities OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ is insured for causing harm to the life, health or property of other persons in the event of an accident.