About Our Refinery



Our Refinery features modern refining technologies that produce a range of products that provide consumers with the highest standards of living and mobility including the cleanest-burning gasoline and diesel fuel in quality standard, along with aviation fuels and other products.

OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ A complex of plants and production of a gasoline plant was built in a very short time. The commissioning of this large-capacity production into operation became a unique event for Russia. Amongst the first gasoline plants whose design capacity for processing vacuum gas oil is over a 1 million tons per year, and is capable of providing more than half of the regions needs for motor gasolines.

The bulk of the installed and commissioned equipment was ordered at the plants of the Russian Federation. All compressor equipment, a significant part of pumps, control systems and process safety were purchased by OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ in the USA, Europe and Japan. The technology of obtaining gasolines from vacuum gas oil from primary oil refining meets all modern world requirements for the design of technological schemes and hardware design.

It is the most protected from emissions and wastewater, has a very compact location on land and is managed by modern electronic monitoring and protection systems. The development of reactor unit technology, fractionation of reaction products and process condensate purification was carried out by ourr partners at Elistek Engineering LLC.


OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ designed a hydrotreating unit for catalytic cracking gasoline. The development of recipes and technology for obtaining marketable gasoline of Normal-80, Regular-92, Premium-95 grades, specialists of OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ were engaged in obtaining certificates and admission to production. The whole complex of capital investments was financed from two sources - at the expense of OOO NGK ROSTOVNEFTSINTEZ REFINERY own funds and due to long-term credit financing from Top Financial Institutions of Russia.

A few years ago the reconstruction of the desulphurisation unit for light fractions of petroleum products and gasoline NK-70 was completed, which allowed to significantly reduce production costs, as well as to improve the quality of automobile gasoline in terms of sulfur content to the level meeting Euro-4 requirements. Based on the results of work on the basis of monitoring the quality of raw material purchases, OAO YATU awarded the OAO "TAIF-NK" Plant with the title "Excellent supplier", the products supplied - heavy gas oil of catalytic cracking.